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A Day In The Life Of An Owner

Make a daily marketing plan

Decide which locations to market to, how much marketing material to bring, and what your plan of attack is for the day.


Based on which community you will be marketing to, practice your pitch accordingly. Bring along your little black book of marketing and your business and rack cards.

Call your team

If you get a call at any time of day, it’s your job to make sure your technicians are ready to arrive on a job site quickly.

Suit up for a job

When arriving for a job, you should have the proper PPE. We work with chemicals to clean and disinfect dangerous germs and pathogens. Safety is a requirement. ALWAYS.

Clean a bio job

Each call for a bio job is unique. Make sure you bring the right chemicals and equipment and you’ll be set to get the home back to normal.

Clean a hoarding job

A typical hoarding job can take a few days to complete. Clean, organize, and sanitize and you’ll be on your way.

Send an invoice

Price your job reasonably and send your invoice out. Work with your client or their insurance to get paid.

A Clear Path To Success

What you do

  1. Set up your business

    Your crime and trauma scene cleaning business is waiting for you to start. Leverage our knowledge of this industry to help you start and run a successful franchise.
  2. Build your team

    Your team is your business. What they do reflects the success of you and your Bio-One franchise. Choose people that will do great and your business will thrive. You’re the coach!
  3. Implement the Bio-One plan

    Bio-One is about helping first and doing the business second. We always make sure we are discreet and sensitive to anyone who needs us. Help first, business second!
  4. Grow your business

    Market yourself and your services to the people who will refer you. This industry is all about relationships. Build them and your business will grow.

What we do

  1. Walk you through every step

    After you come to discovery day and have been awarded a franchise spot with Bio-One, we will walk you through all the paperwork and steps necessary so you can launch within weeks!
  2. Complete hands on training

    Bio-One Inc. provides hands-on training to make sure you know everything you need to succeed. Practice and learn field operations before you ever step onto your first job.
  3. Provide Quick Start Package

    We will take care of ordering and shipping out all of your equipment, PPE suits, business cards, rack cards, and more. We will help make sure you are ready to hit the ground running.
  4. Provide ongoing business support

    You will become part of the Bio-One family and will always receive help when you need it. Ask us questions any time and get everything from business answers to emotional support.
Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning logo
"The Bio-One support system is incredible. They are a phone call away, a text away, an email away. We have found that anything we need whether it’s about how to bid a job, how to work with
an insurance company or client, they are there and they have a wonderful program to teach us how to make our business successful. Their motto is they answer every call. That’s what we like. If we’re stuck in a job early in the morning and I need help on how to handle a situation, no problem. Those guys answer and help us. We originally looked at buying different businesses. With Bio-One, we couldn’t imagine doing anything different."
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Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning owner testimonial
Bio One Western Slope
Vicky Thurlow and Darren Cook
Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning logo
"My Bio-One franchise has given me financial freedom. I spend a lot more time with my family. I give back to my community. I’m helping people that need our services. Bio-One has a great support
system, they have great training, and great mentors that help me get through any questions or situation."
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Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning owner testimonial
Bio-One El Paso
Rigo Melendez
Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning logo
"One reason I chose Bio-One is because I wasn’t sure how to start a business on my own. I wanted to be my own boss. I was looking for the structure, support, and guidelines that come
along with a franchise and Bio-One has definitely done that. Anytime I need something I pick up the phone and without a doubt, they’re always there. They’re like family. We get to know each other, check in on a regular basis and talk quite often."
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Bio-One decontamination and biohazard cleaning owner testimonial
Bio-One South Carolina
Kris Elliot
(720) 893-8007
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